Add2PSU Multiple Power Supply Adapter

Small, lightweight and true plug n play, the Add2PSU adapter allows you to add more power to your computer.
No cutting wires or soldering, no compromising the integrity or function of your pc.
Now there is a way to add more power to your pc.
Finally a true plug and play way to manage additional power for those big video cards, bigger hard drives, cooling fans and cool lighting arrangements that everybody wants.
Adding more power does not mean that you use more, you just have more to use.
You get better power distribution than just using one power supply and you share the load with having more units.
To use, plug a 4 pin Molex connector from the primary power supply and the 24 pin atx connector from the secondary power supply into the Add2PSU unit.
When the primary power supply is powered on, the secondary power supply will also turn on.

Wiring Method:

1.Please plug the main power supply 24PIN into the 24PIN female head, and plug the other end to the mainboard.
2.And then plug the detection port 4pin power cord of secondary power supply into the riser card.
3.Then it can be realized that the secondary power supply and the main power supply are on and off at the same time, lengthening the service life of power supply and graphics card.

Package Include
1 × Add2PSU Multiple Power Supply Adapter