Built to Last, Built for Reality. Ultra Durable and Stable, 1.75 lbs total weight with Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Laser Cut Acrylic Construction & Precision Machined Solid Stainless Steel support Rods

Perfectly Secures Oculus Touch Controllers, Designed with Precision to create a tension perimeter grip around VR controllers on upper plate, and hover VR Touch controllers exactly .5mm off bottom plate

Patented muti-level suspension design contours shape of Touch Controllers, Displays and Secures Oculus equipment

Functional Design, created with a simplistic and futuristic Style, minimalistic lines and shapes created for the ultimate VR Stand interface

Please note: the Oculus Touch controllers are not included with the Handstand purchase. Interested in a Premium Oculus Headset Stand? New product that won't disappoint. Mindstand 2, available on Amazon