Why You Need:

High Quality 50mm drivers: provide a excellent sound for gaming, music and voice chat.

Closed big earmuff, Cool Camouflage lightweight and volume control, more comfortable for gaming.

Headset can not only works with New version XBOX One, PS4, PC and MAC but also Laptop and smart phones.

1. Loudhailer diameter: 50mm (NdFeB)
2. Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz
3. Sensitivity: 115+/-3dB at 1 khz
4. Impedance: 32Ohm at 1khz
5. Max Input power: 20mW
6. Mic Sensitivity: -32dB +/- 3 dB
7. Mic Frequency Range:50-10KHz
8. Mic Impedance: smaller than 2.2K ohm at 1khz
9. Headset cable length:Approx.1.5 m
10. Input Plug: 3.5MM interface
11. Weight: about 365g

1x SADES SA810 Camouflage gaming headset
1 x User Manual
1* Two in One 3.5mm 4 Pin Jack Cable
1. For Xbox One, SA810 gaming headset only supports New Version XBOX One which its controller must have a headset audio 3.5mm jack for connect. If your xbox one controller doesn't have a headset 3.5mm jack, you may need another adaptor.

2. When the headset connect with your pc computer, we suggest that using 3.5mm jack cable(1 to 2) .

3. If the sound is too small or no sound: Ensure that your audio devices work properly and sound switch has been turned on; turn up the sound volume level, Ensure connecting the plug of headset to audio source correctly.