High Quanlity:
100% fit for Xbox One Elite Controller.
Made of metal stainless steel.
Military grade for comfort & durability.
Easy to Replace:
You needn¡¯t to take apart of the controller, just put them in the right hole.
Running More Smoothly :
The paddles, which will reside on your middle and ring fingers. The paddles offer the right amount of resistance so that it isn't pressed too easily, but loose enough that a quick twitch will activate it. Once you get use to the fact that your middle and ring finger now have buttons available, you slowly incorporate those paddles into your traditional game play. Once those paddles become second nature, you will immediately see a difference. Improve precision and accuracy.
The paddles are excellently made and it is such an easy process to button map the controller. Fire faster with Hair Trigger Locks for Xbox elite One Controller. Compatibility:
Xbox One Elite Package Includes:
4 paddles(2 short and 2 long).