The lightweight, convenient UST Stoke Kit includes everything you need to start a fire in an emergency or survival situation, including the Micro SparkWheel fire starter and two Light-Me tinder pieces. They're stored in the compact B.A.S.E. Case 1.0, a durable anodized aluminum capsule with a screw-top cap and O-ring seal that keeps contents safe and dry until ready to use.

The Micro SparkWheel flint-based fire starter is made of durable, high-quality brass, and the kit comes with three replacement flints. The Light-Me tinder pieces are easy to light -- simply tear or cut the tinder piece apart to expose the fine fibers. The B.A.S.E. Case 1.0 measures 1 x 3 inches, and the kit weighs just 1.3 ounces. It's backed by a two-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

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