Once a world renowned surgeon, the doctor's career has been in critical condition in recent years. He's been offered a lifeline though -- if he can prove himself at a small, out-of-the-way, and somewhat run-down medical facility, he can revive his career and move on to better and more prestigious hospitals. Help the doctor manage the mayhem of a wacky emergency room and successfully treat patients with funatomy ailments like "butterflies in the stomach," earning money along the way to upgrade the hospital equipment. You're in charge of everything, from admitting patients to diagnosing and performing surgeries by completing micro games... and the clock is ticking. If you can help him provide top-notch care perhaps he can reestablish himself as the worldclass tweezer-wielder he is! But if you flounder -- your patients will lose their patience! Either way, OPERATION Mania will have you -- and your patients -- in stitches.